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Event Overview

Synth Eastwood Has You Surrounded | Dublin Fringe Festival
The Spiegel Tent, Georges Dock
September 10th 2009

This event featured Multiple Speaker and Multi Screen action.

Beginning with a pre-show in CHQ Georges Dock The Spatial Music Collective showcased some of their most recent multichannel tape work accompanied by a free drink reception kindly supplied by Absolut Vodka.

Synth Eastwood Has You Surrounded followed guiding you into spaces you’ve never been before. Four speakers and four screens surrounded folks on the dance floor as a synergy of spaced out audio/visuals exploded before their very eyes and ears.

Quadraphonic DJ sets were spun by the party purveyors extraordinaire Choice Cuts, Tu-Ki and seasoned spinners DJs Jaycee and Funboi.

This was eye echoed by four screens of visuals from Synth Eastwood, Fergal Brennan, & D.A.D.D.Y.


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