Welcome to Synth Eastwood. We curate and produce creative events and projects here, there and everywhere.
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What is Synth Eastwood?
Synth Eastwood is an art, music & technology group based in Ireland/UK. We have been using our 12 eyes, 12 ears, 6 brains and 1 head to put on a wide range of events and projects throughout Europe for the past 4 years.

Interactivity and crowd involvement are central to what we do. For this reason we endeavor to make all our projects as open to participation as possible. Previously this has included large group shows featuring over 250 artists; A/V performances involving the audience at various European festivals; live Q+A sessions and performances with artists and directors; and various remixing and stand alone projects.

Recently too we’ve launched a blog that reflects our various interests and involvements.


To view recent press coverage we have received please see our Press section.

Commercial Work

Over the past 2 years we’ve produced bespoke tours for brands such as Heineken (Ireland), Diesel (UK) and Absolut (Ireland). To see some recent case studies or hear more about what we can offer drop us a line at the address below.

Contact us
Say hello to us at hello{at}syntheastwood{dot}com. We’re always interested in collaborations and meeting new folk.
Thank you.


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