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MiniMix 10: Toby Kaar

June 30, 2011 by Al

Todays Minimix comes from a very accomplished newcomer, Cork producer Toby Kaar. It provides a sweet insight into the music that influences his personal brand of down and up tempo electronica. Modestly in his own words “This mix is pretty much a testament to my inability to DJ“. After hearing the span of his own tracks on Soundcloud and seeing him play them live I don’t think anyone will be worrying about his DJing.

Toby’s live show has earned him support slots to among others Max Tundra, Nathan Fake and Gold Panda and if you have yet to see him head down to Block T’s first birthday bash this Friday in the Button Factory, Dublin.

Track 1

This song pretty much sums up Vangelis’ music as a whole for me. It starts off awesomely, and you’re freaking out at how good it is, but then the gongs come in and by the end you’re like “Are you kidding me?”. I only used the first minute of it, nobody wants to hear the rest of that shit.

Track 2
Carlos y Gaby:Sugar Flowers

I’ve started collecting the All City LA 10″s a while ago, and the Carlos y Gaby side is one of the best ones, in my opinion. I haven’t heard much else about these guys, but that’s totally fine with me.

Track 3
Juana Molina:Salvese quien Pueda (Four Tet Pretty Mix)

I pretty much buy every Four Tet remix I find, but I only recently discovered that I was mistakenly playing this one at 33. I just thought that Kieran Hebden was getting his chopped-n-screwed on, but at 45 this makes a lot more sense. Kinda.

Track 4

I put this in because I remembered I really liked that arpeggio in the middle of the track, but when I played it, I realised the rest of the track sounds pretty stupid. Not bad stupid, just stupid the way all that wonky stuff is stupid. It’s still A GOOD TRACK like.

Track 5
MF Doom:Greenwhore.net

This is some bonus beat on the Gazillionear EP. It’s only like a minute long, so I was throwing shit everywhere trying to get the next track up. I have no idea how all those proper DJs do it like. Good beat, aswell…

Track 6
King Creosote:No-one had It Better (Bullion Remix)

I got this in a record shop in Bath that sold 90% D&B and Dubstep, and there was this little section in the corner with this and Maximo Park. Oh, and a Shaquille O’Neal single. I also played this one at 33 for ages before I figured otherwise. You’d think I’d understand why they’re called “45s” in the first place, but no.

Track 7

So I had this Salem single I won off XLR8R and I knew one side of it had the track “Asia” on it, but I couldn’t tell which track Asia was, so I guessed. Salem are a fierce weird bunch, but that King Night album was really good so fuck it like.

Track 8
John Roberts:Went

I had this idea that I would make it all moody after Salem and before Boney M and I had another record waiting, but then I ran out of time. The John Roberts LP is aight like. A load of the stuff sounds the same, you know? But house music like, deal wit it.

Track 9
Boney M:Heart of Gold

I don’t know is this better than the original? It’s so good though, I played it like 5 times in the course of this mix. Also, the other day, Kim Keating called Neil Young “Niall Young”.

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