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Minimix 09: GoBang

June 9, 2011 by Synth Eastwood

This weeks MiniMix has been put together by GoBang co-founder Lady Maggotbeard (aka Eoin Wickham). GoBang is a monthly night that takes place upstairs in Anseo on Camden Street on the second Saturday of every month playing all the hits from Steely Dan to Oneohtrix Point Never and everything in between. The next GoBang takes place on Saturday 11th June from 8.30pm. FREE ADMISSION.

Track 1
Com Truise: Cathode Girls

Amazing synth jam with some nice spastic drums that help tease out the underlying 80s TV theme tune/Harold Faltermeyer homage.

Track 2
Chris & Cosey: This Is Me

This is from their massively influential Heartbeat album which came out just after Throbbing Gristle disintegrated in 1981. It sounds like it could almost be a pop song but you still get a sinister feeling that something’s not quite right about it, in keeping with the spirit of TG.

Track 3
Xander Harris: Tanned Skin Dress

Sleazy, John Carpenter-inspired italo track from the Urban Gothic LP on hipster label du jour Not Not Fun.

Track 4
Diamond Vampires: Lumière

Diamond Vampires are a pretty mysterious bunch, but all we need to know is that they make amazing hypnotic disco like this track. Perfect horror soundtrack music.

Track 5
White Car: The Bridge

Nice update of Front 242-style EBM from San Francisco’s White Car, this is really catchy and I can’t wait for them to bring out an album.

Track 6
Endgames: Ecstasy

I tried to find out more about Endgames on the internets but could only find info about a book called End Game’s Ecstasy, which sounds like it could be pretty good: Kyra Morgan always wanted to live in the past, and now she’s found a way to do just that. Whether she likes it or not. Wrapping herself in black velvet under the sweltering Southern sun, Kyra spends her summers working at the Tudor Rose Renaissance Festival, as a Lady in an imaginary royal court. She hasn’t had much luck with men either and has little interest in handing over her heart again, so she immerses herself in her scholarship and the local faire where she can escape into the past and ignore the problems of the present day.

Track 7
Imagination: So Good, So Right.

Really nice slo-mo, after hours disco build up for late night/early morning dancing. So good.

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