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SE Minimix 23: Radiomade

May 31, 2012 by Synth Eastwood

This weeks mini-mix comes from Dublin based Radiomade who for the last 3 years have been compiling and hosting podcasts on a broad spectrum including, music, theatre, discussion and more. They also broadcast live shows weekly and host events in Dublin and beyond. This Sunday sees them take over The Sugar Club where they present Cork dj legends Fish Go Deep. More details here. Take it away… ” On this Synth Eastwood Minimix, the 3 of us involved with Radiomade – Tara Connolly, Aaron Dempsey & Jack Olohan, in the short time that we have, hope to give you all a taste of the wide range of stuff we listen to on the regular. As well as that, the tunes we have chosen, we think might give you a brief history of us, Radiomade, and where we think the group is going. Track 1 The Fall – Blindness We have kicked off the mini-mix with The Fall – Blindness, one of the tracks that we cannot stop playing to at the moment on Radiomade. It’s an old enough track but we only discovered it recently, you will never hear a bass guitar so offensive in a your life. It is truly up there as one of the coolest riffs the world has ever heard. Come on Mark E! Track 2 Romanthony – Make This Love Right / Ball and Chain We chose this track to acknowledge one of Ireland’s greatest clubs, the club that basically pioneered House music in this country, Sir Henrys in Cork. Aaron was a regular at the club from the mid-nineties up until it’s closing. This track, Make This Love Right / Ball & Chain by Romanthony was ‘the’ track of that club, the quintessential Henry’s track. If you went to Sir Henrys, you knew this track, you would know every beat, every lyric. You should hear and see Aaron talk about those Henry’s days, you will never see such passion in your life. Track 3 Base is Base – The Spirit This track is a favorite of Aaron’s to play in a club. Recorded way back in 1991 . . . . . . 1991, and it still

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sounds as fresh as ever. To think that this track is 20 years old is unbelievable. What a track! I would bet my balls that if you drop this bad boy at any stage of the night, you might as well forget it, the place will go ape shit. Try it out, you’ll see! Track 4 Wish I Did Miss You – Angie Stone One of Tara Connolly’s favorite tracks of all time, a tune that is always sung whilst cooking Christmas dinner, and you can guarantee to hear it once or twice at session, once she is in the vicinity. What an epic, we just had to put this one in there. This mix would be lacking that sweet melodic soul that the three of love if we left it out. Track 5 Brian Jonestown Massacre – Mary, Please Just thought we’d throw a rock tune into the mix, it pays homage to the first gaf myself (Jack), Aaron & Tara lived in together – 32 Upper Rathmines Rd, Beside the Tesco. Many a fun time was had in that gaf, probably one of the most insane years for all of us and one of the most memerable too. This is where we all decided to try and get an online radio station together. Then, there was about 16 of us involved, now there is 3 of us. What a riff at the start of that track as well, how Bulmer’s haven’t jumped on that track is a mystery to me. Track 6 Eddy Grant – Time Warp There was a time where myself and Aaron would stay up all night getting locked, making podcasts and watching documentaries on House Music till we fell asleep, . . . . no, literally, for about 4 months, thats all we did and it was amazing craic. One of those documentaries that we were so fond of was a film called Maestro, a film that told the story of Larry Levan & the Paradise Garage. This track is the opening track of the film. Gerrin! Track 7 Joy Division – Love Will Tear Us Apart And to finish us off, one of the greatest love songs of all time, Love Will Tear Us Apart by the amazing Joy Division, another huge favorite of Tara’s, and of myself and Aaron for that matter. The three of us have always admired Factory Records and those that ran it. We have always hoped that one day, companies like ourselves at Radiomade, along with the likes of SynthEastwood, Fatty Fatty & Night Flight to name but a few, might one day do for Dublin, what they did for Manchester. Hope you all enjoyed our mix Lots of love Jack, Aaron & Tara “

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