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SE Minimix 22: Sorca Lou McGrath

May 22, 2012 by Synth Eastwood

Sorca Lou McGrath is part of Dublin based band Ships. Coincidentally Ships are also one side of Synth Eastwoods first seven inch release! Wow, imagine the odds! So we asked Sorca to let us in a little way into her musical mind and to share some of the music that currently inspires and excites her. For more of what Sorca had to say about each song go to All Our Sets Page.

Track 1
Modern Through Movement – The Advisory Circle

This track is off the third album by Jon Brooks under the Advisory Circle moniker. He’s obsessed with British Public Information Films (PIFs) and the foreboding atmospheres they create. What an awesome place to spark your musical mind. He creates the most haunting, analogue worlds that feel warm AND dangerous. Are you ready for that? You can find more of Brook’s work on the Ghost Box label.

Track 2
Variations – Nicholas Jaar

This guy has golden ears, he’s got such a delicate touch and a massive respect for space which I, in turn, respect.
This track is from his Space is Only Noise record that came out early last year. He also runs the incredible Clown and Sunset label that put out one of my favourite records of last year, the Darkside EP, which comprises of guitarist and bassist Dave Harrington and Jaar himself. Magic stuff, busy guy.

Track 3
Miura – Metro Area

Ah Miura, a much loved track by many. I remember getting into a nice trance the first time I heard this, just going about my business. I’ve done that many times with it since and I think it just happened again there because this is taking me ages. I found it in the context of the Serie Noire Dark Pop and New Beat record which is also well worth a listen.

Track 4
Full Grown Man – Benoit and Sergio

This tune is a massive hug for your ears. That’s all I’ve got to say.
If I start pointing out all the elements that I dig I’ll ruin your own experience of it.
They played an awesome gig in Dublin recently too, I hope they come back.

Track 5
Around (Solomun vox) – Noir and Haze

Down tempo club funk, is there such a thing? Well what ever this is, it’s hot.
This track made no.11 in the Resident Advisor’s top tracks of 2011, no surprises there.

Track 6
Dance Floor – Zapp and Roger

First time I heard this I instantly became a fan of percussive coughs. The rest of it speaks for itself.
Amazingly fun funk and soul band from the late 70’s from Dayton, Ohio, which in my books makes them even cooler.

Track 7
I Found Lovin’ – The Fatback Band (12” Version)

Now I heard this for the first time in my life about a month ago, in a taxi. I shazamed the shit out of it which was the only time I’ve ever been compelled to do that (or remembered)
Think I’ve listened to it a hundred times since. I sing along, you should too.

Track 8
Radio Rhythm (S-I-G-N-A-L-S-M-A-R-T) – Clandestine featuring Ned Sublette (Dub Mix) (Killer Whale)

Killer Whale is one of Arthur Russell’s many monikers, this is a track off his Sleeping Bag Sessions record.
This tune blows my mind, I thought it was Captain Beefheart vocal at first and those high voices have the right kind of madness about them too. Have you ever wanted to be the guy rocking out on the arpeggiator so badly? Me neither. Maybe try it out sometime.

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