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SE Minimix 21: Elastic Witch

April 18, 2012 by Synth Eastwood

Elastic Witch is a new independent record shop operating out of The Twisted Pepper building in Dublin. The shop is run by Gib Cassidy. They specialise in new vinyl and CDs from independent artists and labels of all genres “with an emphasis on Irish artists“.

It all began when Cassidy answered a post on the Bodytonic forum asking if anybody would be interested in running a small shop out of the venue – a space that up until the shop opened – remained vacant during daytime hours.

This minimix concentrates on the more beat-orientated end of things this that the shop does. Enjoy!

This is an outtake from a Gene Vincent session. Impatient 1950s sound engineer trying not to get angry by the sound of things. It took me about 7 attempts to get this mix the way I wanted it so I thought it was apt. 

Track 1
Sapphire Slows – Spin Lights Over You 
Amazingly lush tune from a girl from Japan signed to Not Not Fun in the USA. The first of four tunes on this mix from that label and it’s offshoot label 100% Silk. Been digging (and selling) this stuff a lot lately. 

Track 2
Peaking Lights – Tiger Eyes (Cuticle Remix)
936 by Peaking Lights was one of my favourite records from last year. This Cuticle remix of Tiger Eyes from that album is killer. Goes off on a beautiful tangent about halfway through. Total outsider stuff. Brilliant!! 

Track 3
Giorgio Moroder – The Chase
An oldie. One of my favourite dance records ever! This was the theme to Midnight Express – a film by Alan Parker from the end of the 70s. Serious white powder hooks.

Track 4
Strategy – Starry Day 
Another stomper from last year released through the 100% Silk stable. 21st century house music. Outrageously good groove. A bit Detroit. A bit Chicago. A bit mid 90’s. A LOT amazing.

Track 5
New Jackson – The Night Mail
So much love for this tune. And, it’s straight outta Dublin! Title track of an amazing EP released through Pogo towards the end of ’11.  This is what it sounds like when you’re at a party that you’ve been uncomfortable at because you don’t know anybody there…. And then you start to come up and it all gets better. This is not an obligatory Irish tune for the mix. This is an outstanding record and that’s why it’s on here. Love it.

Track 6
Innergaze – Shadow Disco 
Achingly cool-as-fuck, cosmic disco tune from Innergaze. Could be a 1am anthem in Paradise Garage, NYC circa 1977. Or maybe a German discotheque, late ’89, fall-of-the-wall party in a dive bar in the east side of Berlin? No. It’s from now, and it’s amazing. 

Delia Derbyshire from the BBC Radiophonic Workshop performing Air by George Frideric Handel. Don’t know much about GF Handel, or indeed, Delia Derbyshire but I’m pretty sure they were the rhythm section in an AC/DC covers band from Swindon in 1998. Could be wrong though.

Elastic Witch present an amazing lineup this Saturday for Record Store Day. It’s free and you can catch Optimo DJs, Ships, Girls Names & Skinny Wolves DJs. More info here.

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