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Minimix 13: Renate Henschke

August 23, 2011 by Synth Eastwood

This weeks special guest minimixer is the inimitable Renate Henschke. Renates ideas, insights, and infectiously cheerful humour has been warming the hearts of all of Synth Eastwood since the days we met. Originally from Adelaide in Australia she has settled in Dublin Ireland where she runs her own clothing label Made For You By Arms and also freelances as a “maker of things”. Renate is our first lady minimixer and with no small amount of coincidence there is strong female flavour to her selections.
M’ladies and M’gentlemen. Renate Henschke in the mix.

Track 1
Japanese Voices: Sukiyaki Song
This song was originally recorded by Kyu Sakamoto and was a big hit in Japan in the sixties.
When the sun is shining and I am wearing a frock cycling around Dublin this song is whats in my brain.
I don’t know what any of the words are but it doesn’t seem to matter.

Track 2
Fol Chen: The Holograms
This song sounds like a hipper girl version of a Daneilson Familie song which makes me happy.

Track 3
Yacht: See A Penny Pick It Up
This song is not entirely sung by a lady but the man that sings it sounds like a lady.

Track 4
Mariah: Door Of The Heart
Fergal Brennan put me on to this 1980s experimental Japanese lady called Mariah. Apparently she sings in Japanese and Armenian.

Track 5
Mirah: Recommendations
Mirah is one of my favourite singers and this tune always cheers me up, I love the unexpected dark ending after such a cute start.

Track 6
Balam: Acab
This song is so beautiful and haunting and best listened to loudly with your eyes closed.

Track 7
Tuneyards: Powa
This song was the highlight of her amazing show in Whelans a few weeks ago. Her high pitched “whoo hoo hooooing” towards the end is excellent.

Track 8
Warpaint: Baby

Track 9
Alicia Keys: Unthinkable
This song reminds me of hanging out with my friend Davey, its very enjoyable to change all the words in the chorus and make them rhyme with the name Davey. Or words like baby, or gravy…or what ever you like.

Track 10
Breeders: Don’t Call This Home
This was and still is a favourite. Kim Deals voice is hard to beat in the international excellent ladies singing competition.

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