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MiniMix 12: Jape

August 3, 2011 by Synth Eastwood

This weeks guest minimixer is Dublin based multi-interbandulist Richie Egan (JapeVisionairThe Redneck Manifesto). With the release of the single ‘Hands of Fire‘ at the end of May Jape threw down the fiery gauntlet and set in motion the wheels that will deliver his latest work to the hearts and minds of the musically attuned masses. With the next single ‘You make the Love‘ set for release later this month, the latest album ‘Ocean of Frequency‘ due at the end of September and a full Irish tour in tow, expect to be hearing lots of fresh sounds from the Jape corner of the musical universe over the next few months.

Upcoming Irish dates include
Aug 5, Cleere’s Theatre – Kilkenny.
Aug 6, The Spirit Store – Dundalk.

For a full listing and update check out their Facebook page.
In the meantime lets keep the good fires lit. Maestro Egan if you will…


I was very happy to be asked to do this mix for Synth Eastwood. It’s stuff that I’ve been listening to this Summer 2011.

I hope you like it and enjoy.

Track 1
Robag Wruhme: Pnom Gobal
I really like this beat a lot from this album so decided to use it as an anchor for this mix.

Track 2
Glasser – Learn (John Talabot Remix)
Great arps.

Track 3
Tame Impala – Why Won’t You Make Up Your Mind (Erol Alkan Rework)
Stuck in a little bit of this because I really think the riff / guitar sound is top notch.

Track 4
Fourtet – Angel Echoes (Caribou remix)
A remix that has a lot of tension and a build that moves to a very interesting place.

Track 5
Rocketnumbernine – Matthew and Toby (Fourtet remix)
Well it seemed nice to go into Fourtet from there. I just put the start in for this mix but check the whole thing if you can…pretty mindblowing.

Track 6
Deadboy – Here 4 U
My friend Cillian played me this one and told me it was great and i agree. When the synth bass kicks in it’s a sweet, sweet moment. (This happens at precisely 11 minutes in this mix. A sign?)

Track 7
Blawan – Getting Me Down
Bassline more wicked than a London witch.


Track 8
John Maus – Streetlight (snippet)
I really am a sucker for a synth arp.

Track 9
Autre ne Veut – Drama Cum Drama
This guy makes very interesting music that does weird psycho-acoustic stuff to my brain.

Track 10
Blondes – Moondance (OPN Sundial Mix)
A bubbly little mix that feels like an underwater xanax bed for children.

Track 11
Burial – Stolen Dog
Sadness and hope all rolled into one. Something about that mournful synth gives me goosebumps.

Track 12
John Talabot – Matildas Dream
John Talabot takes this sadness and turns it into stoic resilience, especially when the 303 kicks in, or how about the white noise hhsssssssssssssssssssss!

Track 13
Peaking Lights – All the Sun That Shines


Thanks for listening and thanks to Synth Eastwood for having me.


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