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Minimix 05: Goodtime John

April 22, 2011 by Simon

Thank Goodtime it’s Good Friday.

It’s all coming up good this Good Friday as our guest minimixer is musician and designer Goodtime John. Goodtime has been kept busy of late recording and mixing his new album but has taken some time to give us a little insight into some of his favourite songs and biggest influences over the last year. Be sure to check out Goodtime’s original music on Soundcloud. Some real treats there.

Take her away Goodtime.

Track 1
Wake Up and Make Love – Ian Dury & The Blockheads
This is the opening track from the 1977 album New Boots & Panties Its the bass groove on this that caught my ear the first time i heard it together with the tightness of the drum sound. Also I think its one of the rare times you hear how delicate Ian Dury’s voice can be.

Track 2
Baby I’m Yours – Breakbot ft. Irfane
It was the Aeroplane remix of this tune that Ross (I Am The Cosmos) played for me, that brought my attention to Breakout. I love the simplicity of the guitar riff and how it holds back. The sign of a good player is one who knows when not to play. It would be so easy to go nuts on this, but it holds back in all the right places and keeps the vibe going.

Track 3
I Saw The Light – Todd Rundgren
The shimmering cymbals causes so much atmosphere on this. Im pretty sure Todd played everything on this track. There is something about the playing style of someone who plays drums but you can tell it’s not their main instrument, there’s a real charm to it.

Track 4
Menopause Man – Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti
Probably my favorite album of last year. Such a jump from his 8track cassette recordings but love it all the same. Weird groovy soul music.

Track 5
Don’t call – Desire
One of Johnny Jewel’s (Chromatics) side projects with Megan Louise. Dark Disco. It’s the synths on this that grabbed me first.

Track 6
What Goes up.. – The Alan Parsons Project
This is kind of a ridiculous song but it’s the production that’s so good. Parsons engineered Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of the Moon and worked on The Beatles’ Abbey Road.
In particular it’s the tone of the first part of the guitar solo that sounds great on this, it kinda goes off the mark then and comes back in on Yes vibe.. Pretty cool.

Track 7
One Shot – GOODTIME (BONES Remix)
Thought I’d throw this in. A brand new remix of a song off the new record. BONES aka Glenn Keating’s first ever mix and I think he did a great job plus you can really hear him having fun on it, especially at the end.

Track 8
Jericho – Rober Lester Folsom
Music & Dreams by Rober Lester Folsom is a lost classic. It was re-issued on Mexican Summer last year. Probably one of the most genuine records i’ve ever heard. I listened to this a lot when i was recording.

Track 9
Shim Shimmer – Caribou
Dan Snaith is one of the finest electronic producers out there. His music always contains so much and you hear something new on every listen. His Andorra album was mind-blowing when it first came out. This is taken from the Tour cd 2007 which was recorded at the same time.He always has such great use of percussion on his albums. Psyche vibes. Yes Please.

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