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Minimix 07: Guaranteed Irish

May 27, 2011 by Al

This weeks Minimix is coming from Lil’Dave aka Dave Redmond. A Nightflight resident and promoter who has played his wares on most sound systems in the country not to mention a host of foreign engagements that would impress even Michael Palin. Dave’s trademark style mixes multi-genres together into party-friendly patchwork. Today however, presumably building on the recent successful state visits he has gone for a specific theme…Take it away Daithí.

“Although this lovely wee country of ours has more problems at the moment than you can shake a stick at, it certainly isn’t reflected in the quality and quantity of its music producers. Spanning all genres imaginable, everyday new Irish music pops up that rivals that of anywhere on the globe. This mix is just a small representation of a scene Im very proud to be a part of.”

Track 1
The Hot Sprockets : Solid Gold
One of my favourite Dublin bands at the moment, The Hot Sprockets play a sweet blend of blues and rock and roll. They released their debut album last week called “Honey Skipping” which this track is taken from but seeing them live is the real money shot.

Track 2
Lasertom & The Blast Crew : By My Side
Throbbing bassline Disco at its finest! With an array of trumpet blasts this track trudges along at a lovely pace. Having been snapped up by Steve Kotey’s Bearfunk imprint I think LT&BC are set for big things.

Track 3
VisionAir : Hypnom
VisionAir are producing some of the most interesting music around at the moment in my opinion. Ascending cosmic synths and beautiful atmospheric sounds compile this track which is taken from their EP “A Vision”. With the wealth of music these guys have created together in the Redneck Manifesto, its hardly surprising that VisionAir would be anything less than brilliant.

Track 4
Infant of Prague : Blood & Ouns
Infant Of Prague is the love child of Seamas O’Reilly and Jono Black. Both very talented in their own right this is the first (of hopefully many) productions the two have done together. Blood & Ouns is a beautiful piece of music that slowly rises to a lush dreamlike crescendo littered with crisp off beat percussion. Epic.

Track 5
Krystal Klear : Tried For Your Love (Hudson Mohawke Remix)
This is a fantastic track from one of Irelands most promising young producers. Krystal Klear has quickly made a name for himself with dates at Glastonbury and Soundwave Croatia set for this summer. This track came out on All City Records late last year and has been a firm favourite of mine ever since. A mixture of orchestral stabs, beautiful keys and a rolling beat makes this an instant classic.

Track 6
Mano Le Tough : Eurodancer (Tensnake Remix)
This is some of Manos best work in my opinion, with a fantastic brass hook and intricate percussion it builds into a monster house tune. This is just one example of the fine catalogue of work the Mano has put together, check out his new remixes coming out on Prins Thomas’ Internasjonal label and Tensnakes Mirau imprint.

Track 7
Strands : Chow Bell (Sarsparilla Remix)
This EP came to my attention when Nialler9 blogged about it a couple months back. Its a quality release with remix action from VisionAir, Hulk and Meljoann but the pick of the bunch for me is Sarsparilla. I love the arpeggiated synth and counter melodies that have now become synonymous with Damien Lynchs sound. Its a free EP and you can get it here

Track 8
Ivan St John : Smooth
Ivan St John, formerly Pinky, rounds off my mix with a track from his excellent debut album “Up To Snuff”. I love this album, its such a mad blend of gypsy, folk, pop and swing music, clearly difficult to define! It reminds me of Fleetwood Mac at times and that cant be a bad thing.”

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