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Talk / Talk #03

We carried out 3 types of experiments for Lost In Translation.

Talk/Talk involved us showing Subject #01 an illustration, asking them to examine it for 60 seconds and then describe it back to camera from memory. Subject #02 then watches this description on a playback monitor and in turn recounts it back to camera. This process is repeated over 15 times with our final subject drawing the final description on camera. We then compare the first and last illustrations and watch in amazement at how much it has changed. Some people might call this Chinese Whispers, but not us. We’ve never heard of Chinese Whispers.

Thanks to the folks who took part in the above video: Cróna Connolly, Richard Seabrooke, John Moriarty, Barry Smith, Robin Fuller, Niamh Mc Guinness, Lorcan Grimes, Carleen Bruton, Dannii See, Aoife Walsh, Aisling Costello, Stuart Scargill, Amy West, Prina, Nicoletta de Vincenta, Hardy & Matty Bolger.

See the full set of experiments here: Lost In Translation


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