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Talk / Draw #05

We carried out 3 types of experiments for Lost In Translation.

Talk/Draw involved us showing Subject #01 an illustration and asking them to describe it to camera. Subject #02 then watches this description on a playback monitor and is asked to illustrate what they hear. Our third subject is then asked to describe this new illustration to camera which our 4th subject then illustrates. Sounds complicated but we promise it’s AOK. This process is then repeated over 15 times after which we compare where we started, where we finished and who got us lost.

Thanks to the folks who took part in the above video: Scott Burnett, Aisling Farinella, Jean O’Brien, Róisín Coyle, Peter O’Dwyer, Clíona O’Flaherty, Celestine Cooney, Suri Grennell, Ríonagh McNamara, Kate Henderson, Dave Sherfiff, Stephen O’Connor, Kevin Keenan, John Cronin.

See the full set of experiments here: Lost In Translation