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Minimix 06: Hollywood Babylon

April 29, 2011 by Synth Eastwood

Hollywood Babylon is Dublin’s new Midnight Movie Film Club. It begins this Saturday (30th April) in Block T and will run fortnightly until October 2011. The night is devoted screening “disreputable” movies. Roughly speaking, movies best seen after Midnight, in company and with beer. The night will play host to curated guest screenings, re-imagined film posters by some of our favourite artists and designers, BYOB, intervals, trashy trailers, cigarette girls and a whole lot more. The first screening will be Hausu (1977). Probably the craziest Japanese haunted house horror ever!

Yes, you’ve guessed it – this week’s Minimix was put together by Hollywood Babylon.

Track 1
Grauzone – Film 1
1982 damn! Yeah, we’re just inventing techno, no big thing. The soundtrack of an amazing dystopian sci-fi movie that only exists in my head.

Track 2
The Misfits – Hollywood Babylon
This is our logical theme song.

Track 3
Repo Man: The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack – Juicy Bananas/Bad Man
I wish this was our logical theme song. Great damn movie, great damn soundtrack.

Track 4
Soreng Santi – Iron Man
Amazing psych rock version of Iron Man, what more do you want?

Track 5
Thin Lizzy – Hollywood
Thin Lizzy, this is just to let people know we’re serious, we’re not taking any shit. 
Also at one stage this mix was all songs with Hollywood in the title, unfortunately they weren’t all this good, although it did have this.

Track 6
La Bionda – I Wanna be your Lover
The video actually is an amazing animated Italo sci-fi movie in miniature – check it. It’s also the catchiest song ever. 

Track 7
John Carpenter – The End
What am I gonna do, not put in John Carpenter? Most of this mix is imagined soundtracks to films that only exist in my head, not this.

Track 8
Ducktails – On the Boardwalk
Ducktails, I’d love to see this (nonexistent) movie.

Track 9
Thomas Newman – New York City By Day
Aaah Desperately Seeking Susan, one of the best New York movies ever. This is Thomas Newman’s incidental music for the film and it’s soooo good.

Hey. I also really wanted this song but it wouldn’t fit!

Find Hollywood Babylon on Facebook and here.

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