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The World is a Jaar

February 22, 2011 by Al

Nicolas Jaar is a New York producer who played live in Dublin last year and left everyone speechless as to what genre describes him. Since then every piece of Information I have received on him has urged me to say “wow”, “holy moly” or both.

Jaar was born in NY, lived most of his life in Chile but returned to the big Apple in his teens. At the tender age of 17, before he’d finished secondary school, he had a release on Brooklyn based Wolf and Lamb records. Before 18 he had played everywhere from The Marcy Hotel in his hometown to Arena in Berlin.

Since then he has continued his studies whilst clocking up nearly 20 releases, remixes and edits (see below). He is currently 21 and a student in Rhode Island’s Brown University and tours the world during his summer & winter holidays. As if that wasn’t enough for a man of his age he has set up his own label Clown and Sunset and last week French label Circus Company put out his debut full length album “Space Is Only A Noise“.

To sweeten the deal for me he released a track last year called Dubliners.
Feel free to describe his style in the comment box below. I’m gonna sweep in with deep shallow forward progressive house trance.

Listening booth:

Nicolas Jaar edit pack from last year. Free to download here.

Here is a current mix he recorded to promote his new album.

Some of his previous releases below.
Nicolas Jaar Discography by Clown and Sunset

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