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Minimix 14: Johnny Moy

September 6, 2011 by Synth Eastwood

This weeks guest minimixer is devout Dubliner Johnny Moy. Johnny has been a staple of the Irish dance music since the early 90s and is synonymous with several regular party nights under various names. Having got involved in music management for the last while we realised we haven’t heard much music from the Moy zone so the request for a mix was made.

Gracious as always here’s what Johnny had to play and say.

Me oul pal Charlie from the Synth Eastwood clan (who works with us on Shit Robot stuff and does a deadly job on the viz, also loves the breakfast in America), asked me to do a mini mix for the SE internet buzz. I panicked a little at first because I have not done, nor released a mix since 2003 and that was a commercial club mix with The Redsettaz, the one before that was 1996 or so. I got over the fear when Charlie (the good egg that he is) said “you can put what you like on it”, this is always music to my ears, so I said fuck it, I’ll give it a go.

Then I was told that Shit Robot and Jape where doing the ones before me, so eeeeeek, I got the fear again because I am a bit rusty and don’t really play records/CDs too much these days, I just listen to music a bit. Shit Robot I have known like a brother and worked with in one way or another for 20 odd years, he would be considered a very harsh critic if you fuck things in a mix (smiley winky fuckin’ face) and Jape is one of my all-time favourite Irish artists, the guy has a lot of talent and his music is incredible, anyway I got over the fear again and said fuck it, and yes, I have tourettes, and fuck it I stuck a Jape jam on there and mixed it with The Osmonds (yep the real ones) for the crack.

Next challenge is to cram 20 years into 30 mins without putting all my mates records on it, which I found next to impossible, so I just picked things that I’ve liked or may have been influenced by over the years (it’s not like “my all-time favourites” or anything) just ones that worked together on this mix, it starts at 100bpm and goes up, hope you enjoy it (it was only a month late too! Sorry Charles).

Special thanks to Phil Misk for the cool edits.


Track 1 
Carl Craig: Intro

Track 2
Edwyn Collins & Orange Juice: Rip It Up

Track 3
Von Sudenfed: That Sound Wiped

Track 4
Jape: Nothing Lasts Forever

Track 5
The Osmond’s: I, I, I (Radio slave edit)

Track 6
Cerrone: Supernature

Track 7
Art Department: Without You

Track 8
Funky Green Dogs From Outer Space: Reach For Me

Track 9
We Have Band: Devices (Carl Craig Remix) (Misk Edit)

Track 10
Le Tigre: Deceptacon (DFA Mix)

Track 11  
A Certain Ratio: 27 Forever

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